New Poll: Stealth Voters Pushing Prop 19 To Win 56-41



Are there voters who intend to pass Prop 19, but not tell anyone about it? The results of a new poll by Prop 19's backers say thousands of such voters might be saying “no” when asked, but voting "yes" in private. Prop 19 is winning 56 to 41 in an automated poll of 1,043 respondents, according to a new poll by EMC Research. Commissioned by the Yes on 19 campaign, the poll differs from the recent LA Times/USC Poll that found the tax and regulate measure trailing by a wide margin. The difference is the live pollster. Yes on 19 says seventy years of cannabis prohibition is making people careful around live polling officials.

"As the polling shows, there still seems to be somewhat of a social stigma attached to marijuana and the politics surrounding it," said Dan Newman, a political strategist working with the Yes On 19 campaign. "We're confident that when Californians find themselves in the privacy of voting booths on Nov. 2, they will vote to end decades of failed and harmful marijuana policies. Very few people think the current policy is working."

Liberal blogger Josh Marshall, of the popular national blog Talking Points Memo is calling it a "reverse Bradley effect," a reference to the phenomenon of voters telling pollsters that they'll vote a certain way but then don't.

Legalization Nation heard of a private gathering over the weekend where the only person who was voting against the measure grew pot as income.

Given that kids are turning their parents in after D.A.R.E. class, workers can get fired for off the job pot use, and stoners are getting executed at gunpoint during pot raids, might there be a stigma against outing yourself as a Prop 19 voter?

You tell us.

[Link to poll results and methodology.]