New Police Chief Appears Open to Legal Sideshows



Oakland Police cracked down on sideshows over the weekend, after three young people were killed in a sideshow the previous week. The crackdown also came after Mayor Ron Dellums rekindled an idea to organize legal sideshows in a specific area - off of city streets. According to the Chron, new Police Chief Anthony Batts also appears open to the proposal, saying that it might be worth exploring the idea of "changing the venue to get them to go somewhere else, then they can do it where it is organized, where it's in a safe venue to do one of those things."

The idea of organizing sideshows in a safe way has been met with stiff resistance in the past. But there is evidence it might work. Several years ago, the City of San Diego began organizing legal street racing in specific areas, and the number of illegal street races and the number of deaths from them dropped significantly.