New Bar Alert! All About The District, Opening Next Week in Old Oakland



So! As you may have heard, San Francisco's The District is coming out with an East Bay offshoot, and while the butcher paper's still in the windows and the official opening isn't until next Friday, I stopped by this morning to gaze longingly at all the wine get some background from Wine Director and Sommelier Caterina Mirabelli. According to her, the place'll be much like the OG District, with its upscale-ish feel; eclectic selection of forty-plus wines; and menu of shareable small plates, pizzas, and desserts ($4-$17; sample items include "applewood smoked trout, spinach, and fontina arancini," "pear and huckleberry pecan crisp," and the intriguingly-named "braised oxtail sombreros") — but this one has the added bonus of a slightly more "easygoing" vibe and an extra focus on spirits, including forty (!!) whiskeys. The emphasis, Mirabelli says, will still be on sipping — "just like with the wine, we want to introduce people to whiskeys. So many people say they don't like whiskey, but maybe they just haven't had the right one." A noble goal! (And, NB, for all you whiskey and wine-haters out there, there'll still be sixteen draft beers, a handful of cocktails, and your standard vodkas, gins, and tequilas).

Official address is 827 Washington, at the corner of Ninth Street; hours are Monday through Friday starting at 4 and Saturday starting at 5, with a happy hour from 4 to 6 on weekdays and Saturday from 5 to 7. As mentioned, opening date is next Friday, April 27, but in the meantime here are some photozzzz just for you: