Nasty Battle for Peralta Community College Seat Averted



The Berkeley Daily Planet's Jesse Douglas Allen-Taylor has a nice backgrounder on a vicious little fight that we won't, alas, be seeing this November.

Check it: while running for mayor in 2006, Ignacio De la Fuente backs Peralta Community College Trustee Marcie Hodge to run against Oakland City Councilmember Desley Brooks. The fight gets personal, with Hodge charging that Brooks had conducted herself unethically in office. Ron Dellums' support for Brooks takes the suspense out of the race, but Brooks sounds like she's itching for a little payback. Because wouldn't you know it, he sister Darleen Brooks takes out papers to run against Hodge for the Peralta seat! Now, that's the kind of theater we sad political junkies live for. But now, Brooks has bowed out for "personal reasons." Oh well. There's always next election, Darleen!