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My Afternoon With E-40: A Day in the Life of the Bay Area's Most Prolific and Respected Rapper

'I'm not a falsified dude. I'm not a hater. I just wanna see people get money. What I want for myself, I want for others.'



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Droop-E was always precocious. At just three, he appeared in the skit "Questions" on 40's album Federal. His dad helped him write his first rap when he was five. And, as a teenager, he produced the beat for "Super Sic Wid It" by Mistah F.A.B., an iconic track of the hyphy movement. And he's had some pretty successful solo work: The video for his single "I'm Loaded" featuring E-40 boasts over a million views on YouTube.

Droop-E gets out a keyboard and begins writing a bass line for a new beat. Everyone in the studio, including 40, bobs their heads to the driving, funky sound. "Hold on, you gotta do it like this," 40 interjects, singing a different variation of the first four bars. His son doesn't seem to mind the feedback, eagerly soaking up game from his dad and asking questions.

Now, it's time for 40 to get in the booth. Maloles put on the beat 40 wrote to earlier that day. "I'm just gonna say some shit," 40 announced. They run through several takes of the verse as 40 perfects his delivery.

Eventually, the rapper breaks away from recording to watch the Warriors, who are playing the Toronto Raptors. "We GS, mayne. We them motherfuckers," he exclaims as Kevin Durant sinks a three-point shot. E-40, a gracious host, makes sure everyone's cups are full and passes around more CBD. There's a celebratory feeling in the room as the Warriors climb to a ten-point lead, eventually winning the game with 127 points.

In E-40's world, there always seem to be plenty of victories to celebrate.


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