Musician Survey Results on Equitable Pay



Earlier this month we wrote about concerns surrounding musician pay for the Fillmore Jazz Festival. Local promoter and booking manager Stephanie Dalton was largely spearheading the campaign to raise musician pay, and she has since conducted an informal survey of musicians about the issue, the results of which she sent out yesterday in her weekly e-mail newsletter. The gist is that though most had positive experiences with the Fillmore Jazz Festival's promoter, Steven Restivo, a majority of respondees also believed there should be a minimum pay scale for musicians who perform at San Francisco street festivals, and are in favor of asking the Entertainment Commission of San Francisco to set forth by-laws regarding musicians' pay structure at such events. Many also agreed that asking bands to perform a ninety-minute set for no more than $75 per band member (which Restivo did) devalues the compensation scale for professional musicians.

The complete PDF file here: Survey_Results_Regarding_Equitable_Pay_for_Musicians_in_Bay_Area_Festivals.pdf