"Musician Seeks People with Phantom Eye Hallucinations for Song Help"



The above-titled Craigslist post, encountered in the general East Bay community section, wins our award for Fantastically Bizarre Post of the Day. Make that the year. The best part of it is�unlike the person searching for a free copy of Richard Simmons' Disco Sweat (c'mon, dude, just slap down your $2.99 on eBay and be done with it) � this motivated poster knows Craigslist is her only chance. And she's 100 percent serious: "I was reading up on hallucinations due to phantom eye syndrome (and other forms of sight loss), and I've been inspired to write either a song or a piece about it; what I'm lacking is some sort of personal experiences with it." If phantom eye hallucinations are your middle name, drop her a line. And let us know how it goes.