Multi-Talented Kermit Lynch Releases CD



Berkeley wine empresario Kermit Lynch is releasing a CD tomorrow, entitled "Man's Temptation." Lynch told Janice Robinson, the wine writer for the Financial Times newspaper, that "It was quite a thrill to get a record contract at 67." The album is described as being "soft rock, folk and blues."

A concert to promote the CD will be held October 7 at the Great American Music Hall. Proceeds will benefit the Chez Panisse Foundation.

Lynch, who deserves extraordinary respect for his activities in the wine trade, also told Robinson that the economic crisis has forced him to renew his focus on his wine business. But, the crisis has allowed him to strengthen his position in the marketplace, he believes. He is willing to buy wine now, he says, when competing distributors are not.

Finally, Lynch says that he has another CD ready to go if "Man's Temptation" is a success.