MP3 of the Day: The Moanin Dove's "The Dead Man's Daughter"


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At first glance, the three members of San Francisco band the Moanin Dove have two important things in common: semiformal vests and big, curly brown hair. If that were enough to peg the band's sound, it wouldn't be far off: the trio's fashion and songs alike point to artsy '70s FM rock. "The Dead Man's Daughter" features ample saucy keyboards (Rob Shelton plays Fender Rhodes, melodica, and piano -- and isn't afraid to solo), foot-tapping basslines (James Riotto is into jazz and plays an upright), and bandleading drums (Joshua Korr takes the first step into the song's various sections). The track also features a healthy instrumental interlude, a six-minute running time, and grandiose lead vocals courtesy of Riotto. Seventies rock, indeed. The band just released its debut recording, a five-song EP, and will be playing Bottom of the Hill on Dec. 21.