MP3 of the Day: Tartufi


Brian Gorman and Lynne Angel have been toiling away as Tartufi since 2001, and the effects of such intimate labor have clearly had an impact on the way they communicate with each other, which consists of a series of inside jokes that leaves a plain-clothes outsider like a journalist pretty miffed. Still, their goofiness is endearing (see photo), if not somewhat necessary once the duo takes the stage and unleashes their epic, serious sound.

Last Friday night when Tartufi headlined the Uptown in Oakland, audience members were left jaws agape and wanting more even though the band appeared onstage well toward midnight. Their sound begins with simple guitar lines and vocals that Angel loops, then builds upon as Gorman unleashes his competent drum splashing, culminating in an Everest-size mountain of noise that rocks surprisingly hard. Look for more on Tartufi and their cooperative production company, Thread, in an upcoming issue of the Express. -- Kathleen Richards