MP3 of the Day: Sleepyboy Moe's "Lucky Son"


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When it comes to homegrown East Bay music, Sleepyboy Moe is the real deal. Shaun Wargowsky, the man behind the name, moved to Oakland in 2005 and immediately became active in the local scene. He began performing solo and with drummer Lindsay Cooper (of the nicely named Oakland band Espionage a Trios) at venues such as Epic Arts in Berkeley. He recorded his debut CD, The Sleepyboy Moe Tapes, entirely in analogue in Oakland and Berkeley. And his CD release party will happen tomorrow at the Stork Club in Oakland. As for the music? It's been called sludge-folk, but that doesn't begin to convey the hiss, fuzz, and noise captured in songs like "Lucky Son". Most of it sounds like a third-generation copy of a lo-fi cassette tape. Wargowsky's entrancing rhythms and possessed vocals complement the recording perfectly (or maybe it's the other way around), making this release more art than cheap reproduction of a live performance.