MP3 of the Day: Plastic Little - "Bum Rush the Set"

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It's a fact that jokey-ass shit is terrible. Morning radio show cover songs and Bloodhound Gang singles are so mind-numbingly inane that listening to them for more than a minute, let alone a whole album, could drive anyone to bash their temples with a large wrench. Which is why Philly-based Plastic Little is so fresh. Their latest album, She's Mature, is rampant with sex, party, drug, and straight-up doo-doo rhymes so ridiculous, Plastic Little could just as well be dismissed as a joke band. There aren't too many rappers who could fit multiple references to feminine hygiene products in one album, but the audacity is so extreme that lyrics end up far craftier than any rapper they could possibly be dissing. Not to mention that the beats are bangin', managing to infuse ample bump to Smiths, Cure, and Studio54-era disco samples. They even get Ghostface Killah on a track to add some cred. This album is perfect for occasions such as evenings at strip clubs, parking lot pimpin', or any instance involving coke dick. Peep "Bum Rush The Set" for a taste. -- Oscar Pascual

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