MP3 of the Day: Josh Fix



I had to do a double-take to make sure I wasn't listening to some lost Queen tracks instead of the full-length debut of 29-year-old San Francisco musician Josh Fix. No kidding. His production values are top-notch, his vocals and instrumental parts fully realized, and his songwriting consistently glorious -- replete with melodies, harmonies, hooks, and all the pleasures of grandiose '70s pop-rock. But unlike Freddie Mercury, Fix never goes over the top -- though he's retained the soaring background chorus vocals. By keeping his tunes rooted in Elton John-esque turns at a Hammond B3 and an antique Emerson upright piano, and by being blessed with a vocal range that doesn't dare reach Mercury's heights, Fix has fixed the bombastic '70s style for the more jilted '00s. That's not to say he doesn't have a ton of fun with it. Just check out the piano ballad "Rock and Roll Slut," track five on his upcoming release: I've been going with a rock and roll slut / At least that's what she calls herself, I know she's not / She's so good she won't even complain / When I come home late smelling like a drain. This record captures the perfect balance of camp and rock. Fix deftly revives an era that he wasn't around to experience, yet knows just where it went right. Stream the entire album here. And don't miss "Don't Call Me in the Morning:" It's a keeper.