MP3 of the Day: Everest's "Heartbreak Kid"



Not many Bay Area bands are rocking like San Francisco's Everest. Which is to say, they're not resurrecting powerpop by (non-ironically) gushing on Cheap Trick, Tom Petty, and the Cars. The group -- Applesaucer's Adam Zabarsky on guitar and vocals, Red Planet's Chris Dunn on guitar and Gordon Evans on bass, plus drummer Jim Bove - formed when Dunn was producing some of Zabarsky's songs and decided, "The world sure can use some good old-fashioned arena rock," according to their MySpace site. (By the way, because of the popularity of their name, they aren't easy to track down: is an emo outfit from Berlin, is a New York rock band [they need a singer], and is a Minneapolis metal group [they need help booking their tour]). The members of the Bay Area Everest are currently working on releasing their debut EP, and so far, the songs gleefully accomplish their mission. Check out their catchiest hit, "Heartbreak Kid," which could easily be the soundtrack to a free-wheelin' '70s road-trip, except for clever lines like, "Who is the boy who's allergic to joy? It's the heartbreak kid." The band plays the Stork Club on Sunday, March 4.