MP3 of the Day: DJ Platurn and MC Wonway Posibul Take on A Tribe Called Quest


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Looking to (re)discover some of the slickest and smartest hip-hop ever unleashed upon human ears? DJ Platurn, of the Oakland Faders, has teamed with local MC Wonway Posibul, of the Secluded Journalists, to remix a host of classic tracks by jazz-rap pioneers A Tribe Called Quest. Titled Best of A Tribe Called Quest Volume 1, the album -- at least in promo copy form -- doesn't provide any track names, and a search on the Net doesn't turn up any either. But our impressive Tribe knowledge informs us at the very least that the disc includes stellar mixes of "Award Tour" and "Sucka Nigga," both from the group's excellent 1993 album Midnight Marauders. Head to Amoeba Music to track this bad boy down.