MP3 of the Day: Busdriver's "Les Yeses, More Nos" from Roadkillovercoat


Los Angeles emcee Busdriver has always been a tad left-of-center in comparison to fellow Project Blowed contemporaries. His blistering spastic delivery paired with vocabulary that begs listeners to dust off their thesaurus is as hip-hop as it gets, but it's been obvious that Bus listens to Kid A just as much as Fear of a Black Planet. His latest full-length, Roadkillovercoat, accomplishes exactly what Busdriver's past releases have only hinted at. Roadkill spans numerous spaces of sound, straddling emcee prowess with new wave beats, a hint of indie rock, and electronic bombast. Gone are the expected appearances by some of Los Angeles' finest lyricists, replaced by a guest shot from Bianca Casady, one half of indie-folk duo CocoRosie. "Les Yeses, More Nos" [click to download mp3]is but a taste. Roadkillovercoat comes out January 30, the same day Busdriver performs with Deerhoof at San Francisco's Great American Music Hall. -Oscar Pascual