MP3 BLOG: Valerie Troutt


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Named for her preacher mother, Berkeley High alum Valerie Troutt is one of the most elegant - if largely unheralded -- jazz divas to come out of Oakland in recent years. She's currently working at a sex positive sex-toy shop in Brooklyn and couch surfing in a neighborhood that's not unlike the East Bay's Rockridge District, while composing jazz and soul motifs, that is, melodies that build on a simple lick or idea, as in John Coltrane's "A Love Supreme." "That's some classical shit," the singer explains, adding that Mozart used motifs. "Actually, everybody and their grandma in every culture has motifs. Lullabies came from that." Troutt shares her motific development and her soul on next week's East Bay tour, during which she'll stop at Maxwell's Lounge (11-17), World Grounds Café (11-19), and Anna's Jazz Island (11-22). Here's an mp3 of Troutt's "Your Majesty"(right click and 'save as')