Most Unusual Ice Creams

Abel 1950

Abel 1950's unique Mexican gourmet ice cream puts a twist on traditional desserts. Sold in retail locations all over the Bay Area, including Whole Foods, it features flavors like agave cream (tequila-flavored ice cream made with the real deal) and Mexican hot chocolate, and will soon release a honey mango agave flavor — a creamy sorbet made with sea salt, mango, and a zing of Los Osuna Blanco tequila. And that's not all; Abel 1950 is also planning a Thanksgiving series, including flavors like candied yam, caramelized corn, and mamey sway — an infusion of the mamey sapote fruit of southern Mexico (which combines the flavors of pumpkin, sweet potato, and maraschino cherries) with cocoa and almond. Somebody pass a spoon.

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