Most Revolutionary Use of Street Art

Endless Canvas

Whether it's a sketchy Sharpie scrawl on the back of a BART seat or an intricate throw-up covering an abandoned warehouse wall, most street art has a fleeting shelf life. Regardless of the skill or effort that goes into a piece, it's usually only a matter of time before a fresh layer of paint effectively erases it from the public eye. That's why the photo blog and print 'zine Endless Canvas is a crucial institution in the conservation of Bay Area street art. Since 2008, the entity's motley team of photographers has been tirelessly scouring the area's streets, rooftops, rail yards, and alleyways to take pics of any and all things graffiti — including local tags like Fword and Jurne and artwork by big-name out-of-towners. In the process, the group has played a major role in documenting the local history and evolution of a largely outlaw art form.

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