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Shamanic Cheerleaders

Cheerleading has gotten a bad rap, flush as it is with stuck-up popular girls. But cheer can be so much more, as evidenced by the Shamanic Cheerleaders, a performance group of women who sing and dance their audiences into deeper awareness. Their credo? "If you want to be enlightened, you've got to lighten up." The crew includes artistic director and squad captain Satori as well as (among others) Alexistential, BodhiCheetah, Crescendo, Devaalicious, Heartemis, Oceana, Ray 2, and Shamamma. The girls offer a few packages: One consists of three different ten-minute stage performances interspersed at your event; the other, a forty-minute show. Not only will they rock the stage with their shamanic cheers, they'll also perform "cheer-tan," raps and rants, acrobatics, even hula-hooping. "We're a comedy act — we're spiritual and satirical," Satori said. "We're here to make you laugh."

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