Most Honest Politician: Best reason to thank god for a stark choice

Pete Stark

The adage about a politician saying anything to win office simply doesn't seem to apply to Representative Pete Stark. In March, he did something that would normally be career suicide: He announced he doesn't believe in a supreme being. In a country where fewer than half of Americans said they'd vote for an atheist, it was a bold move. The East Bay, thankfully, is not the rest of America, and Stark is fairly comfortable in his 13th District seat. In his coming-out moment, he delighted not just atheists everywhere, but many spiritual and religious constituents locally, who believe that public displays of godliness shouldn't be in politics. Hats off to Pete Stark for doing something few, if any, politicians in this country have had the guts to do: be honest about his faith ... or blessed lack thereof.
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