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Easy Lounge

Less than a year after it received a facelift to make any of the Real Housewives balk, it's pretty much impossible to remember Easy as it once was: Dark and dance-y have been replaced by light-filled and lively; conversation-prohibitive loudness by lovely inside voices; plush and slightly cheesy black-leather furniture by cabin-cute picnic tables, a swinging bench, and a gorgeous copper-topped bar; bare-bones bar snacks by foodie artifacts such as polenta cubes and coconut-milk-braised collard greens. Best of all, the bar has, wisely, taken its so-called farmers' market cocktail program — formerly Saturday-only — to every day of the week, meaning all of the above comes with such deliciousness as homemade fruitcake bitters, flambéed kumquats, and about a million other things you never thought you'd see in a highball glass. Leave the wild weekend nights to the other bars; the new Easy's the kind of place you want to be the other six and three-quarters days of the week.

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