Most Green Dispensary

Harborside Health Center

Indoor-grown marijuana may consume as much as 1 percent of all electricity generated in the United States, according to some expert estimates. That's an absurd amount of energy waste for what was once a solar-powered plant. Oakland's Harborside Health Center — the largest dispensary in the world — is helping the marijuana industry get greener by reversing the dominance of indoor-grown marijuana with its "Sungrown" program, which pushes outdoor pot based on price, high potency, and a great aroma. Since outdoor has a reputation for being less potent than indoor, Harborside uses a revolutionary new, rapid potency estimator to quickly identify and buy the strongest batches it can find. Outdoor is much cheaper to produce than indoor due to energy savings, and Harborside passes on those savings to customers. The results speak for themselves. Sungrown sales have exploded, helping Harborside seed pot culture's revolutionary return to weed the way Mother Nature grew it.

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