More Fallout in the Oakland Cop Killings



Five top-ranking police officials are under investigation for their roles in the ill-advised raid that left two cops dead in March, according to the Trib. Citing anonymous sources, the paper says that OPD commanders made a series of mistakes, including the failure to set up a command post before storming an apartment, looking for murder suspect Lovelle Mixon. Mixon, who had fatally shot two other Oakland cops during a routine traffic stop a few hours earlier, then opened fire on the SWAT team and killed two of them. Those under investigation include Deputy Police Chief Dave Kozicki. The timing of the news is not good for Kozicki, because is in the running to become the next police chief at UC Berkeley.

Kozicki's attorney, Michael Rains, also told the Trib that Kozicki and other on-seen commanders didn't think that Mixon was holed up in the East Oakland apartment. He said they believed that Mixon had fled the area, and decided to conduct the raid in order to eliminate it as a possibility. But investigators are looking into whether the commanders were being truthful, because there is evidence that Kozicki and the others had been told that Mixon was hiding out in the apartment.