More Cash for The Don's Defense Fund



Hey gang! (Yes, we're morphing into Larry King.) Remember when Don Perata quietly moved $1.5 million ostensibly raised to fight the redistricting measure into his legal defense fund? Well, the Donster's done it again. According to the Sacramento Bee, Perata has shifted another $400,000 into the fund, capping a fundraising bait-and-switch binge that has some of the most cynical political observers shaking their heads. Here's nice tidbit: the Bee reports that the redistricting measure, which Perata supposedly raised all this money for, barely squeaked by with 50.9 percent of the vote. And here's a quote from Bill Carrick, who helped create ads against the measure: "I have no doubt we could have beat it, even with a modestly funded campaign." But then how would Perata pay his lawyers?