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Moral Combat

After enduring a vicious harassment campaign designed to chase women out of the video game industry, local female developers are trying to take back the art form from commercialization.



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These kinds of events bring hope to people like Anthropy, who believes that they represent where the video game industry is ultimately headed. For now, the reality is that the harassment of women and minorities in games will continue. But platforms like Patreon ensure that a paradigm shift is approaching, because they enable a retreat away from traditional methods of funding. That means opening up an expanse of expressive possibilities.

Anthropy believes that eventually the video game industry is going to look completely different, as well as the games coming out of it and the culture surrounding them. "The truth is that these people who are harassing women so much right now are doing it because they are clinging to an identity that's going away," she said. "They're not who the gaming industry is going to care about in a couple years from now. They are going to turn into dust and blow away and no one will remember or mourn them."

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