Monday's Briefing: Shelter in place order will be extended to May 1; State has stockpile of expired N95 masks

Amazon, Instacart workers go on strike


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News you don't want to miss for Mar. 30:

1. The Bay Area's shelter in place order is expected to be extended to May 1, the San Francisco Chronicle reports. On Mar. 17, six Bay Area cities issued a three-week order for residents to stay in their homes, reduce travel, and practice social distancing in an effort to lower the probability of spreading the coronavirus. $$

2. The state is attempting to recruit retired doctors to help combat the coronavirus crisis that may soon overwhelm local hospitals with sick patients, the San Francisco Chronicle reports. Gov. Gavin Newsom's executive order also includes nursing assistants, home health aides, and emergency medical services personnel. $$

3. All of the state's 21 million stockpile of N95 masks have expired "wear-by" dates, the San Francisco Chronicle found. $$

4. As of Monday, Alameda County now has 283 reported cases of the coronavirus, the East Bay Times reports. Seven deaths related to the virus have occurred in the county, through Sunday.

5. An estimated 1,400 layoffs in the hotel industry has already occurred in the Bay Area, the East Bay Times reports. The news is a harbinger of tough times for the entire state's tourism industry. $$

6. Instacart and Amazon workers went on strike on Monday in effort to gain paid sick leave, while demanding the companies provide cleaner work environments amid the coronavirus oubreak, NPR reports.

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