Monday Must Reads: Oakland Councilman Pushes for Curfew, Again; BART Preps Managers to Drive Trains During Strike



Stories you shouldn’t miss:

1. Oakland Councilman Noel Gallo has rekindled the debate over youth curfews, saying he will introduce legislation this week that would prohibit teens from being out at night after 10 p.m., the Chron reports. Gallo’s predecessor, Ignacio De La Fuente, had twice before floated the idea of a youth curfew, but his proposal failed to garner the necessary support on the council because such laws are typically ineffective. It’s unclear whether Gallo has the votes either — or even whether his proposal has the backing of Oakland police officials.

2. BART has been secretly training its managers to drive trains should there be a strike next month, the Chron reports. The transit agency has been training managers at its warehouse on Mare Island in Vallejo, and plans to run limited service if train operators and station agents go on strike on October 10.

3. Governor Jerry Brown signed a watered-down fracking bill, despite widespread opposition from environmental groups, the SacBee$ reports. Although SB 4 would create the first-ever fracking regulations in California, several environmental organizations pulled their support of the legislation after the oil and gas industry successfully pushed for last-minute amendments.

4. Southern California residents could end up footing most of the $25 billion tab for building two giant water tunnels through the Delta, the LA Times$ reports. If so, residents would have to heavily subsidize Big Agriculture in the Central Valley, which would use most of the water.

5. An organization that backed Prop 8 is now pushing to overturn a California law that allows transgender youth to use school bathrooms that correspond to their sexual identity, the LA Times$ reports.

6. And the Oakland A’s won their division — the AL West — for the second year in a row and are on their way to having home-field advantage in the first-round of the playoffs, the Trib reports.