Monday Must Read



Stories you shouldn’t miss:

1. Oakland Mayor Ron Dellums will announce this week whether he plans to run for reelection, the Chron reports. State Assemblyman Sandré Swanson, Dellums’ former longtime Congressional aide, doesn’t expect the mayor to run again. He has endorsed Councilwoman Jean Quan and is the co-chair of her mayoral campaign. Geoffrey Pete of the Oakland Black Caucus has endorsed Councilwoman Rebecca Kaplan, although he says he will switch back to Dellums if the mayor seeks reelection. Dellums has until Friday to announce his decision.

2. The Oakland A’s planned move to San Jose has hit another roadblock — a $12 million AT&T facility sits in the middle of the proposed new ballpark site and the telephone company has no intention of selling its property, the Chron reports. That means the City of San Jose would have to take AT&T’s property through eminent domain and give it to the A’s.

3. California voters will have to choose between two opposing measures this November that could reshape state politics over the next decade, the Chron reports. Proposition 20 would strengthen the power of a new independent redistricting commission by allowing it to draw Congressional boundaries, too. The commission, which is expected to help moderate candidates win office, already has the authority to shape state Senate and Assembly boundary lines starting next year. But if voters approve Proposition 27 instead, then redistricting powers would be handed back to the state Legislature.

4. President Obama may not campaign for Democratic candidates in some close election fights this fall out of fear that he may harm their chances of winning, the New York Times reports. The president may instead concentrate on fundraising.

5. And electric cars appear to have the won the war — at least for now — over biofuels in the battle to curb dependence on oil and help fight climate change, the Chron reports. Nissan will begin selling its all-electric Leaf this fall and Chevrolet plans to introduce its plug-in hybrid Volt by the end of the year. The Mercury News’ Troy Wolverton reviews the two cars and gives strong marks to both.