Stories you shouldn’t miss:

1. Oakland police have been banned from amateur boxing matches after a melee broke out Friday night during a “Badge V. Badge” event in Sacramento, the CoCo Times reports. OPD officers apparently became upset after losing three straight boxing matches to law enforcement officers from other agencies. The incident appears to have inflicted a black-eye on the department, although some say it has been overblown.

2. Fremont’s chances of landing the Oakland A’s apparently were snuffed out when Tesla Motors, the electric car manufacturer, announced that it was moving into the old NUMMI plant, the Fremont Argus reports. Although Fremont officials were ecstatic about the Tesla announcement, they also had hoped the A’s would be interested in building a new ballpark at the NUMMI site. But with Tesla moving in, it now appears that the battle for the A’s is down to Oakland versus San Jose.

3. Governor Schwarzenegger is taking heat for including $1.8 billion in his budget from a statewide water bond that hasn’t been approved by voters yet, the Chron reports. The water bond will be on the November ballot.

4. CoCo Times columnist Daniel Borenstein, who has followed the state and local pension crisis more than any other journalist in California, says San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom is one of the few politicians who truly grasps the problem. However, GOP gubernatorial hopefuls Meg Whitman and Steve Poizner don't because they would both exclude cops and firefighter pension plans from reform.

5. Mercury News reporter Dana Hull has a good overview story today on PG&E’s controversial SmartMeters program.

6. And the Chron’s Justin Berton (a former Express reporter) explores the turbulent past of BART’s likely new police chief, Kenton Rainey.