Monday Must Read: Lots of Weekend Crime; the Jack London Aquatic Center May Close; There Was a Football Game Yesterday



Ex-con and alleged gang member Benny Ray Martin has been arrested for shooting at a pair of police officers on Saturday night. Martin, who is allegedly a member of the North Oakland gang targeted by last year's gang injunction, was arrested, along with a getaway driver, for shooting at two police officers near the intersection of 58th and Genoa (no one was hurt).

And in more grim news for North Oakland, a woman was abducted and assaulted in an apartment complex on Aileen Street on Saturday night. She showed up yesterday at a hospital.

The Jack London Aquatic Center may close for lack of funding at the end of the month. The center which serves various community recreation groups, is currently managed by a nonprofit group and subsidized by the city. But that subsidy has been slashed considerably in recent years, and the nonprofit announced last week that it'd be turning the facility back over to the city, which means that if Oakland's Parks and Rec doesn't take on maintenance itself, the Center will close on or around February 28.

And elsewhere in the universe, AOL is buying the Huffington Post; the situation in Egypt appears to be calming down a little; and the Green Bay Packers, led by former Cal Bear Aaron Rodgers, beat out the Steelers, 31-25, in last night's Super Bowl.