Monday Must Read: Brown Vetoes Industrial Hemp and Anti-Big Box Bills; But Signs Dream Act and Bans on Shark Fins and Open Carry Guns



Stories you shouldn’t miss:

1. Governor Jerry Brown signed and vetoed a bevy of legislation over the weekend. Among the vetoes: a bill that would have allowed California farmers to grow industrial hemp. The SacBee reports that Brown noted in his veto message that it’s absurd that the US allows products made from hemp to be imported into the country but prohibits farmers from growing it here. The governor said he couldn’t sign the law because of the federal prohibition.

2. The governor also vetoed legislation that would have made it tougher for big box stores to open in California, the LA Times reports. The bill, which was backed by small businesses, would have forced large retailers to conduct an economic-impact analysis of their proposed projects before they’re green-lighted. Supporters of the bill have long maintained that the cities overlook the damage wrought by chain stores on small, local businesses.

3. Brown, however, signed the California Dream Act into law. It allows undocumented immigrant students to receive public financial aid, the SacBee reports. The new law applies to students who come to the country before the age of sixteen and attend high school here.

4. Brown also signed a bill that bans the sale of shark fins in California, the CoCo Times reports. Environmentalists note that the brutal shark fin trade is slaughtering millions of sharks each year.

5. The governor also signed into law a ban on carrying unloaded guns in public, the LA Times reports. Law enforcement officials backed the ban, but Tea Party-types who like to display guns in public opposed it.

6. The Obama Justice Department announced a sweeping crackdown on medical cannabis dispensaries, and said it planned to target clubs that are profiting from medical marijuana, the Chron reported. The announcement, however, made it unclear as to whether the feds also plan to clamp down on nonprofit dispensaries.

7. The most conservative member of the Berkeley City Council, Gordon Wozniak, wants to overhaul the city’s Nuclear-Free-Zone law, noting that it prohibits the city from investing in US Treasury notes and doing business with firms that have ties to the nuclear energy industry, the Chron reports.

8. The Occupy Wall Street movement has spread to at least 25 cities nationwide, as anger directed at mega-financial institutions is striking a chord, CBS news reports.

9. And longtime Oakland Raiders’ owner Al Davis, a maverick who steered the team to three Super Bowl championships, has died.