Monday Must Read: Brown and Boxer Widen Their Leads; Prop 23 Getting Killed



Stories you shouldn’t miss:

1. Jerry Brown has opened up a thirteen-point lead over Meg Whitman with a little more than a week to go before the election, according to a Los Angeles Times/University of Southern California poll released over the weekend. The poll shows Brown ahead 52 percent to 39 percent as an increasing number of Latino, women, and independent voters have distanced themselves from Whitman in the wake of Nannygate.

2. The same LA Times/USC poll has Barbara Boxer with an eight-point lead over Carly Fiorina, 50 percent to 42 percent. The results show a reversal of fortune for Fiorina, who had been closing the gap in other recent polls. Whitman and Fiorina immediately decried the poll as undercounting Republican voters. But the pollsters, a Democratic and Republican firm, contend that if anything, their poll has a slight Republican bent. Their polling model assumed that the number of Democrats who turn out to vote will be only 4 percentage points higher than the number of Republicans, even though Democrats have a 13-point registration advantage in California.

3. The Times/USC poll also found that Proposition 23, the statewide anti-green measure funded by out-of-state oil companies, is losing big-time. The poll shows that it’s behind 32 percent to 48 percent. The same poll also shows that Proposition 25, which would change the two-thirds-vote requirement on state budgets to a simple majority, is being supported by 58 percent of the electorate.

4. As Election Day nears, attention is turning to an East Bay Congressional battle that is the closest House race in California. The fight between incumbent Democrat Jerry McNerney of Pleasanton and Republican challenger David Harmer of San Ramon also could help decide whether Democrats or Republicans take control of the House of Representatives. Both the Chron and the CoCo Times have stories on the race today.

5. The CoCo Times also published an in-depth piece over the weekend that gives you all you need to know about Measure U, a ballot initiative concerning a proposed Las Vegas-style casino in Richmond.

6. And the powerful California prison guard’s union lost a $12 million court judgment late last week, AP reports. The union, however, appears to be flush with cash, having involved itself in a big way in the Oakland mayor’s race in an attempt to elect Don Perata. The ex-senator has been a highly paid consultant for the union for the past two years.