Monday Must Read: Alameda May Lay Off Cops and Firefighters; Dems Push Local Tax Hikes



Stories you shouldn’t miss:

1. Is this another reason for why Alameda cops and firefighters refused to save a suicidal Raymond Zack? The Alameda Journal reports that the Alameda city council is considering a plan to lay off nine cops and four firefighters in an attempt to close a $7 million budget deficit. The police and firefighters’ union can’t be happy about that. The cuts to police and fire proposed by Acting City Manager Lisa Goldman would save the city $2.1 million a year.

2. State Democratic leaders are continuing to push a plan that would allow cities, counties, and school districts to raise numerous taxes, including income taxes, without statewide approval. AP reports that state senate Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg said he would include the local tax proposal as part of the overall state budget plan. Steinberg is using the local tax proposal, which does not need GOP approval, to force legislative Republicans to approve Governor Brown’s tax measure plan. Steinberg said he would drop the local tax proposal if enough Republicans endorse Brown’s plan.

3. State Controller John Chiang, meanwhile, warned lawmakers that they would not get paid unless they pass a balanced budget by June 15, the Chron reports. Under Prop 25 approved by voters last November, the legislature must pass a balanced budget by that date or they don’t get paid — and their paychecks are withheld until they do.

4. California school districts are supposed to spend approximately the same amount of money on students, but they don’t, according to an analysis by California Watch. The news organization found wide disparities in the state, with some districts spending thousands of dollars more per student than others.

5. And why is Jerry Brown following Pee-wee Herman and Britney Spears on Twitter? The Chron goes there.