Missing Student Found at Cal



Remember that Rice University student who went missing last December, then his car was found abandoned this June in the Berkeley flatlands? Well, Matthew Wilson isn't missing anymore, according to a bulletin just received from the Berkeley Police Department: "Detectives have confirmed that a University of California, Berkeley (UCPD) officer has located Matthew J. Wilson, the 21 year old Rice University student who had been reported missing in December 2007. Wilson was found in Dwinelle Hall on the UC Campus this evening and was detained as a possible theft suspect. During the contact, he eventually identified himself to the UCPD officer as Matthew Wilson. ... A BPD detective who has been working on the case is interviewing Wilson with hopes of learning the circumstances as to what Wilson has been doing over the last eight months. UCPD is conducting the ongoing theft investigation." Hmm, theft. In Dwinelle Hall. This guy deserts one university campus only to turn up on another.