Missing Boy Case Is Strange


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The case of the disabled Fremont boy who allegedly went missing in Oakland's tony Rockridge district has been strange from the start. And it appears authorities, including the FBI, have been justified in questioning the version of events put forth by the child's foster father, including searching the family home in Fremont, despite his claim that the kid went missing 30 miles away.

First off, the chances that the 5-year-old wandered off on his own are remote. He has cerebral palsy and has trouble walking. Plus, it seems unlikely that he would be kidnapped by a stranger in broad daylight in an upscale shopping district like Rockridge that experiences very little crime and where stranger abductions are unheard of.

The foster father, Louis Welton Ross, 38, of Fremont, told the Chron in an interview: "We were not involved in my son's disappearance in any way. We are cooperating with the police and with the FBI 100 percent." Ross also reportedly has taken a lie-detector test. And it could very well be true that he and his fiancee, the boy's foster mother who works in a Rockridge shoe store, had nothing to do with kid's disappearance. Nonetheless, authorities would be wise at this point to not rule out any possibilities.