Mid-Week Menu: Lunch at Juhu Beach Club, Delay for Box and Bells, and a Guide to Drinking in Berkeley



Welcome to the Mid-Week Menu, our weekly roundup of East Bay food news.

1) Juhu Beach Club (5179 Telegraph Ave.), Top Chef alum Preeti Mistry’s new restaurant in Temescal, has garnered quite a following since it opened last month. This Friday, April 12, the purveyor of Indian street snacks will launch lunch service. The sandwich-heavy lunch menu will feature three new slider-like pavs, including the Bollywood Baller (a lamb meatball sandwich) and the Pork Vindalated (a spicy, vinegary pulled-pork sandwich). During lunch, the pavs will also be available in a deluxe size ($9), or as part of a mix-and-match combo meal. Lunch hours are 11:30 a.m.-2:30 p.m., Tuesday through Saturday.

Pork Vindalated (via Facebook)
  • "Pork Vindalated" (via Facebook)
2) As noted yesterday on What the Fork, Kronnerburger’s Chris Kronner is busy making plans for a new restaurant in Oakland that would be the flagship for a mini-chain of burger joints serving Kronner’s signature “rare and salty” style of burger. The details are sketchy for now, but the gist is that the Oakland locations he’s considering are big enough to allow Kronner to do what he hasn’t been able to do thus far: to dry-age and grind all of the beef for his burgers in-house.

3) Diablo Dish reports delays for a couple of high-profile Oakland restaurant projects: James Syhabout’s new Rockridge spot, Box and Bells (5912 College Ave.), probably won’t open until early this summer (May was the original estimate). Meanwhile, the Uptown Oakland outpost of Umami Burger won’t be opening until the end of the year.

4) Grub Street picked up on the fact that Guest Chef (5337 College Ave.), home to a revolving-door lineup of pop-up restaurants, closed unexpectedly a couple of weeks ago as a result of a chef cancellation. Owner Scott Cameron informed me that the place is up and running again as of last night. In the queue from now through April 21: a prix-fixe winemaker dinner from chef Paul Skrentny and Alameda’s Rock Wall Wine Company.

5) A quick reminder: The dinner and fundraiser event to honor Soleil Banguid, the beloved chef of Soleil’s African Cuisine, will take place Friday night at the Albert H. DeWitt Officers’ Club in Alameda. Tickets are still available if you’re interested in attending.

Brisket at T-Rex (via Facebook)
  • Brisket at T-Rex (via Facebook)
6) If you’re in a gluttonous mood tonight, T-Rex (1300 10th St., Berkeley) is hosting a Texas-inspired barbecue buffet — $20 for all the brisket, smoked turkey, hot links, baked beans, and stuffed cornbread you can eat. It looks like these buffet nights are happening about once a month.

7) Over in Livermore, The Restaurant at Wente Vineyards (5050 Arroyo Rd.) is doing a special beef-themed prix-fixe menu this weekend (April 12-14) featuring cattle raised on the property, and an “Earth Month” menu for all of April.

8) Berkeleyside Nosh put together a handy Google Maps-powered guide to Berkeley’s drinking establishments — a scene that’s as booming now as it’s ever been.

9) Finally, ICYMI, get the scoop on the semi-urban ecovillage farm coming soon to the East Bay; also, R.I.P. Vesta Flatbread (the food truck incarnation, anyway).

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