Mic Check: Watch Protesters Commandeer a Michele Bachmann Speech



Spend any time at an Occupy Oakland GA meeting and you'll see it in action: the reasonably organized and cooperative procedure by which voices are heard and decisions are made. Yelling “mic check” mobilizes Occupiers into a game of political repeat-after-me, uniting the crowd and spreading the speaker’s comments sans amplification. And Occupiers are taking these tactics beyond city streets and courthouse squares.

For one, yesterday in Oakland, protesters interrupted a Lake Merritt press conference, shouting down five city councilmembers who threatened the encampment. In another powerful and hilarious example from yesterday, South Carolina protesters invaded an address by GOP candidate Michelle Bachmann aboard the USS Yorktown. The human megaphone overpowered the event, completely bamboozling the presidential hopeful. She left the stage, returning later to joke, “Don’t you just love the first amendment?” Who will they be interrupting next week?