Miami Vice

Rated R 146 minutes 2006

The protagonists are a pair of detectives named Sonny Crockett (Colin Farrell) and Ricardo Tubbs (Jamie Foxx), but so little about Michael Mann's Miami Vice evokes the 1984-'89 television series that the title seems almost perverse. About half the movie doesn't even take place in Miami, and even there the turquoise waters and white sandy beaches look muddy and gray under cover of night. In a career marked by an obsession with the intricacies of law enforcement and criminal activity, this may be Mann's most brutally efficient policier yet: The characters scarcely have personalities; they are nearly soulless warriors of the night. But watching them go about their deadly serious business nevertheless puts you in a state of high anxiety. Farrell has never had this much charisma and natural authority, and Gong Li's Cuban-Chinese moll, Isabella, is one of Mann's most complex female characters. She is, like Crockett, undercover in a way, and in their intensely beautiful scenes together, they dream of a freedom that eludes them both. In Mann's world, the most dangerous force isn't the threat of the heat around the corner, but the momentary flicker of true, impossible love.

Film Credits

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Director: Michael Mann

Writer: Michael Mann

Producer: Michael Mann and Sandy Climan

Cast: Jamie Foxx, Colin Farrell, Gong Li, Naomie Harris, Ciaran Hinds and Justin Theroux


Miami Vice

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