Mendocino Will Comply with Federal Subpeona for List of All Registered Pot Growers



Mendocino pot growers who registered with the county's 9.31 medical marijuana growing program are probably burying money and/or putting their lawyer on speed dial this month, now that the Mendocino County Sheriff has said he'll turn over his list of permitted growers to the feds.

Why does Mendocino County have a list of pot growers, you might ask? Because starting in 2010 the County began permitting medical grows of up to 99 plants, so long as the growers signed up with the Sheriff's Department, and paid a fee.

A NorCal outdoor marijuana grow
  • A NorCal outdoor marijuana grow
The feds haven't taken too kindly to this brave new world of legal marijuana cultivation. They shut the program down in 2011 with the threat of a lawsuit, and it looks like the feds are not stopping there. In October, the feds demanded county records of the legal pot permit program, which was dubbed "9.31".

"Collectives applying for the [9.31] permit had to provide the applicants' names, mailing address, physical address, phone numbers, driver's license numbers and doctors' recommendations for all patients for whom the medical marijuana was to be grown, among other information," the Ukiah Daily Journal reports.

On Monday, Mendocino County Sheriff Tom Allman said the feds will get their hit list, and county-permitted growers will not be immune to federal drug law.

"'We're going to comply with the subpoena,' Allman told the UDJ. ... 'Anyone who applied for the 99-plant permit also had to sign a waiver releasing the county from liability arising from the application or enforcement of the permit's conditions, and agreeing that the signer understood that the permit would comply with state law and that it did 'not confer upon (the applicant) and/or managers, employees and members of the collective immunity from prosecution under federal law.'"