Menace 2 Society: Ghost-Riding the Whip



You know a local hip-hop trend has cracked the national consciousness when the Associated Press starts keeping a death toll on it. (At the moment, that total number of people who have died attempting to pull off the stunt in which you let your car drive itself while you dance around it, on it, or hang out the window is: two. One guy was from Stockton, the other was from our hyphy neighbor to the north. No, not Richmond. Canada.) The AP's article handily explains the role of YouTube in bringing the ghost-riding trend to the burbs, and, as is befitting an article that has to explain what the heck is going on in the Bay Area to the rest of the nation, recaps the history of sideshow vs. cops, and concludes with a ringing proposition by Oakland's Mistah F.A.B. to turn sideshows into organized, pay-to-drive events. "It would be like a ghetto NASCAR," he tells the AP. Nice.