Memorial Stadium Tree-Sitters Hang Tough for Now



It's all over but the shoutin', as they say. Four tree-sitters stayed up in one of the two remaining trees near UC Berkeley's Memorial Stadium, despite having their food and water supplies shut off. Down near the roots, university workers leveled the ground and prepared to drag the recalcitrant redwood-lovers out of the tree. According to the Chronicle, the tree-sitters have apparently decided to angle for the best deal they can. Since they can't save the trees anymore, they've come up with a new list of demands. They'll come down, they say, if Cal sets up a public committee on campus land use, donates $6 million to various environmental and Native American groups, and allows the sitters to use the stump of the oldest tree in the grove for a Native American drum. What was Cal's response? You guys can have the stump.