Memo to Dellums: Copy Gavin Newsom



San Francisco appears to have scored a topnotch new police chief in George Gascon of Mesa, Ariz. -- and Oakland Mayor Ron Dellums should take notice. Gascon's record is impressive, especially his emphasis on solving crimes. According to the Chron, Gascon, a longtime veteran of the Los Angeles Police Department, brought Mesa's homicide solve rate from below 60 percent to more than 90 percent since 2006. That's a phenomenal stat, and welcome news for San Francisco, which historically has had a poor track record for solving homicides. But the truth is Oakland needs someone like Gascon more than San Francisco does. As the Express reported last fall, Oakland's solve rate for homicides and violent crimes over the past several years has been the worse than San Francisco's. In fact, Oakland has had the worst record in the state among large cities.