Member of the East Bay Dragons Shot and Killed



Last night a gunman entered the East Bay Dragons motorcycle club on 8800 International Blvd., and fired repeated shots at club member Hassan Sayyid, who was sitting with friends in the garage. Sayyid, 40, was taken to Highland Hospital and pronounced dead. According to an article posted on SFGate today, there was no clear motive behind the shooting, and Oakland police have yet to release a description of the suspect. Sayyid worked at the city's public works department until he was laid off last year. His death marks the second homicide that occurred on that block this year; on May 29, three people were shot and killed during a sideshow which appeared to be unrelated to the East Bay Dragons, since the clubhouse was closed when it occurred. Anyone with information about Sayyid's shooting should call Oakland Police at 510-238-3821. No arrests have been made, yet.