Meg Whitman Goes on the Attack



After enduring days of excruciatingly bad press coverage, Republican gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman finally held a press conference late last week and came out swinging. First, Whitman attacked GOP rival Steve Poizner as being a “liberal Republican,” according to the Mercury News. And then she went after presumptive Democratic Party nominee Jerry Brown, alleging that he has been illegally coordinating with a supposed “independent” political committee to run negative ads against her, the CoCo Times reports.

Whitman’s campaign filed a complaint with the state’s Fair Political Practices Commission, noting that the independent committee, Level the Playing Field, is run by several of Brown’s ex-campaign aides who worked on his 2006 run for attorney general. Committee officials, however, say they now have no connection to Brown. It’s also difficult to prove illegal coordination between candidates and such committees.

Whitman’s sudden offensive appears to have been designed to offset an incredibly bad couple of days in which she first managed to piss off the state’s political press corps and then a video emerged of her apparently fraudulently staging a “town-hall” meeting.