Meet Harold Camping, the Man Planning Your Imminent Salvation


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So, guys. The Rapture. In case you missed it, it's coming soon. Like, really soon. Tomorrow soon, at least according to Oakland's very own Harold Camping, his Family Radio broadcast network — also based in Oakland — and those ominous billboards you've undoubtedly seen all over everywhere in recent months. We know sixteen hours isn't much time to dispose of all your earthly goods, say bye to your loved ones, and work on a cute icebreaker for when you finally meet God, but we invite you to take a break and read Katy St. Clair's amazing, in-depth cover story about Camping, published in the Express way back in 2003.

Biggest insight: Camping actually already predicted the end of the world, in 1994, and, well, we all know how that turned out. Camping, a Berkeley-trained civil engineer (!), also believes "that all churches — Baptist, Catholic, Methodist, Pentecostal, you name it — have been taken over by Satan," and in 2001 urged his followers to quit their churches. There's lots more crazy where that came from; read the whole thing here.