Meat Poets: Win a Free Lunch!



In advance of their official launch in July, Belcampo Meat Co. has launched a series of "Meat-Up" lunches at Blue Bottle in Jack London Square. Each month, local carnivores have the chance to schmooze over meals of chile verde tacos, beef heart sandwiches, and Pekin duck terrines.

Now Belcampo is trying to bang the drum about their Meat-Ups, so they've provided a free lunch to give away for next Thursday, 12-2:30 p.m. On the menu is a saucy beef sandwich with caper salsa verde and homemade potato chips.

But random drawings are such a snooze; we've devised something better. We put it to you, our learned and witty readers, to contrive a beef-themed haiku in our comments section. You have until Monday morning to enter, at which point an esteemed panel of judges (or maybe just me) will select the reigning bard of beef.

I have penned an inspirational haiku on pork to get your juices flowing:

Belly, loin, and ribs.
Guilty pleasures, pork ain't one.
Yes mom, seconds please.

(I wrote that clunker in five minutes; you have four days!)

Consider this your muse.

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