Me Gusta la Reggae. Me Gusta Punk Rock

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Radio Calamity

Live 105's controversial "Play a Sublime Song Every Twenty Minutes" policy.

At least sometimes it's "Caress Me Down."

This Song Will Change Your Life

Eef Barzelay's "Well."

Sometimes, you need a spare, stirring, eloquently bitter Wimpy White Guy rant to entrance and captivate you. Consider us captivated, uh, Eef.

Cinematic Masterwork

Our heartfelt congratulations to Three Six Mafia for its Best Song Oscar win.

From this day forward, it will be ever so slightly easier out there for a pimp.

Album of the Year This Week

Hot Chip's The Warning.

Gawky white guys haven't rocked a dancefloor this hard since John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever.

Rancorous Industry Feud

Emo-punk douchebags Hawthorne Heights asking fans to hide display copies of R&B crooner Ne-Yo's CD in record stores, so customers can't find it, he won't sell as many, and the band will thus debut higher on Billboard.

Setting race relations back another fifty years (to roughly 1852).

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