McNerney Surges Thanks to Alameda County Returns



East Bay Democratic Congressman Jerry McNerney has surged ahead of Republican David Harmer thanks to thousands of ballots recently tabulated in Alameda County. McNerney now leads Harmer by 2,226 votes, a gain of about 1,600 since Tuesday. And it appears that nearly all of it is due to Alameda County. During the past several days, as the county registrar has counted about 85,000 late absentee and provisional ballots, McNerney picked up 2,480 more votes than Harmer — 5,777 to 3,297.

In fact, if it weren't for Alameda County voters — and to a lesser degree, Santa Clara — McNerney would be losing. Here is the vote-breakdown so far of the four counties that make up the 11th Congressional District:

Alameda County
McNerney 21,024 56.4%
Harmer 15,247 40.9%

Contra Costa County
McNerney 23,718 48.2%
Harmer 24,070 49.0%

Santa Clara County
McNerney 7,474 52.2%
Harmer 6,284 43.8%

San Joaquin County
McNerney 41,612 44.3%
Harmer 45,958 49.0%

McNerney 93,828 48.2%
Harmer 91,559 47.0%