Maya Angelou Squashes Beef with Common



Shortly after famed Chicago rapper Common unleashed The Dreamer, The Believer onto the world, one of his guests — the poet and author Maya Angelou — expressed outrage and dismay over a track in which she was featured. It appears she unwittingly licensed her poetry for a song that was littered with profanity and n-words. It was meant to be innocuous — indeed, Common has actually been hailed by many publications, including this one, for his socially conscious bent — but Angelou wasn't amused. "I don’t think the word 'disappointment' quite makes it. I was 'surprised,'" she said, calling into BET's 106 & Park yesterday for a segment in which the two finally made amends. It was perfect timing, given that Common had just launched a new beef, this time with one of his rapper peers: Drake.